Wex Monday: Week 16

© Katherine Broadbent 
I was really blown away by the light at Holkham this week so my entry had t be from this set.
Winner this week are over on the Wex Blog. Third place was a dreamy still life by Matthew Laviers, the pastel tones in this image really caught my eye.

Friday Adventures: 17th April 2015 Holkham Beach

Sorry I have been quiet of late.
I’ve been unwell which has resulted in me having the odd day off work and having every of my normal days off not taking photographs.
Despite still suffering vertigo I decided to go out anyway. Or else I would have contracted a secondary infection of Cabin Fever.
I parked up at Holkham along Lady Ann’s Drive and after purchasing a cheeky ice cream started off along the Costal Path. The path snakes through fields and trees eventually, after nigh on 2 miles, end up at the beach area bordering between Wells and Holkham.
To get to the beach there is a staircase up the embankment.
© Katherine Broadbent
And then the view from the top blew me away.
© Katherine Broadbent
The way the light chased across the sand had me awestruck for a length of time I could no longer comprehend.
Holkham for me is heaven on earth. I’d be hard pressed to choose between Holkham and Machu Picchu as the location have my ashes scattered when I die.
Sorry, that statement may seem strange. 
I’m not planning on kicking the bucket anytime soon!
These two places give me a feeling that I could stay there forever and ‘just be’. It’s a special connection that you get with a landscape and it plays a large role in how you interact and capture that scene, the spirit of that place.
So maybe I’ll be scattered half and half.
The experience of being in a place, of walking through that landscape, the time spent connecting and being mindful with your surroundings are just as important, to me, as the photographs.
© Katherine Broadbent
Here is an opportunity to see the before and after of my open skies project. This image is my edited version of the colour capture above.
The light when I think about it, must look odd in this edit. I’ve removed the clouds! This is intentional to fit the ascetic of my Open Skies project. In which I want to convey a certain sense of a disjointed reality. Things are not quite right, not as you would expect and not how science and logic teaches us it should be.
© Katherine Broadbent

Open Skies is about my ongoing battle with mental illness and my quest for wellness.
I feel disconnected from people and the world at times.
At times I feel very far away.
I feel that I am on the outside looking into a world in which I do not conform to or belong in.
Through my photographs I hope to remake that connection with people through a visual explanation of feelings and sensations that I often don’t have words for.



Wex Monday: Week 10

© Katherine Broadbent
So this shot was taken Sunday at Wells Next the Sea. You’ll notice my Sunday Outing post for this day was missing.
This is because I was a mess.
I took my tripod, but forgot the mount.
I got everything covered in silt.
I dropped my camera (only a few centimetres)
And I managed to jam my two filters into the same pouch (without noticing) and scratched them both, one badly.
This image forms part of my Open Skies series which I will be doing a post about when I have a few more images. You can keep up to date with my progress over on Flickr. 
I’ve now got a lovely shiny £20 voucher to spend at Wex Photographic. Which no doubt will go towards a new filter. Check me and the other winners out on the Wex Blog. I particularly liked 3rd place, won by @MushroomGodMat, this week. Check out the beautiful colours in his entry.

Wex Mondays: Week 2

So week 2 of Wex Monday and here is my entry:

© Katherine Broadbent
This is an intentionally abstract shot. I liked the subject it because it looks like old wrinkled skin, maybe an elephant?
I took this at Wells-Next-The-Sea. As the town is liable to flooding there are a lot of sea defences. If you’re not familiar to the area you have to walk alongside a long tidal channel to get to the beach. While walking down I spotted what I thought was some thick gloopy mud where the dinghies are tied up. Turned out to be concrete poured over the rocks to stop erosion.
I took a few shots experimenting with framing and different sections. I thought this one was the most intriguing because the central shape looks like it could be a shoulder or other joint. I used high contrast to add to the abstract nature and also to convey the texture. As I mentioned I initially thought it was mud but was so surprised to touch solid concrete! I wanted to get the juxtaposition between the soft fold and the hard material.
I didn’t place this week, there’s a lot of good photographers involved! You can see the current leader board and this weeks winners the Wex Blog. I particularly liked the second place image, by Greg Whitton (last weeks winner)  a minimalist landscape. The winning shot by Chris Grimmer was sensational! A beautiful nebula shot, I love anything to do with space and stars at the moment!

Friday Adventures: 9th January 2015 at Wells-Next-The-Sea

Today I drove out to Fakenham for an appointment. Since I was feeling under the weather yesterday I decided while I was there I would pop over to Wells for a walk in the fresh air.
Of course, I brought a couple of cameras along for the ride! Namely my main camera a Nikon D300s and the Cannon ML35mm.
First thing was first. I checked the “3 C’s”(as Nick dubbed them) were present and correct.
Camera, Cake & Coffee!
For the 35mm film I decided to do this time was take a quick snap with my phone to show what might come out on the film. I used the Willow filter on Instagram to emulate B&W film:
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
I’ll do a comparison post once the film is developed.
These are the digital shots I was most happy with from today, edited:
 © Katherine Broadbent
 © Katherine Broadbent
Not 100% happy with this one. Will go back to it and see what I can do editing with fresh eyes.


Criss Cross  © Katherine Broadbent


 © Katherine Broadbent


I also met this lil guy who’d been washed up, alone, from Blakeney.
Initially I was quite concerned. After speaking to the coast guard they reassured me that he was probably just resting. As long as he wasn’t injured he’d pop back into the sea and swim off. Which he did 🙂
One image I haven’t included is one that I am thinking of submitting to Wex Monday – you’ll have to wait till Monday to see that one(unless I shoot something else in the mean time)!