Wex Monday: Week 16

© Katherine Broadbent 
I was really blown away by the light at Holkham this week so my entry had t be from this set.
Winner this week are over on the Wex Blog. Third place was a dreamy still life by Matthew Laviers, the pastel tones in this image really caught my eye.

Friday Adventures: 17th April 2015 Holkham Beach

Sorry I have been quiet of late.
I’ve been unwell which has resulted in me having the odd day off work and having every of my normal days off not taking photographs.
Despite still suffering vertigo I decided to go out anyway. Or else I would have contracted a secondary infection of Cabin Fever.
I parked up at Holkham along Lady Ann’s Drive and after purchasing a cheeky ice cream started off along the Costal Path. The path snakes through fields and trees eventually, after nigh on 2 miles, end up at the beach area bordering between Wells and Holkham.
To get to the beach there is a staircase up the embankment.
© Katherine Broadbent
And then the view from the top blew me away.
© Katherine Broadbent
The way the light chased across the sand had me awestruck for a length of time I could no longer comprehend.
Holkham for me is heaven on earth. I’d be hard pressed to choose between Holkham and Machu Picchu as the location have my ashes scattered when I die.
Sorry, that statement may seem strange. 
I’m not planning on kicking the bucket anytime soon!
These two places give me a feeling that I could stay there forever and ‘just be’. It’s a special connection that you get with a landscape and it plays a large role in how you interact and capture that scene, the spirit of that place.
So maybe I’ll be scattered half and half.
The experience of being in a place, of walking through that landscape, the time spent connecting and being mindful with your surroundings are just as important, to me, as the photographs.
© Katherine Broadbent
Here is an opportunity to see the before and after of my open skies project. This image is my edited version of the colour capture above.
The light when I think about it, must look odd in this edit. I’ve removed the clouds! This is intentional to fit the ascetic of my Open Skies project. In which I want to convey a certain sense of a disjointed reality. Things are not quite right, not as you would expect and not how science and logic teaches us it should be.
© Katherine Broadbent

Open Skies is about my ongoing battle with mental illness and my quest for wellness.
I feel disconnected from people and the world at times.
At times I feel very far away.
I feel that I am on the outside looking into a world in which I do not conform to or belong in.
Through my photographs I hope to remake that connection with people through a visual explanation of feelings and sensations that I often don’t have words for.



Wex Mondays: Week 13

© Katherine Broadbent
My Open Skies project is moving steadily forward and growing image by image. My time shooting at Blakeney was cut short by my dad’s boot falling apart. But I was really happy to get this shot, with the repeating pattern of walkers.
Winners are over on the Wex Leader Board. While the winning images this week were to a really high standard nothing really pleased me ascetically enough to choose my favourite.

Review: Lomography LC-A+

Today I finally got two rolls of film that had been through the Lomo LC-A+ (that I got for Christmas) developed.

I was going to do a bit of editing but the store didn’t scan TIFFs as I requested, they gave me JPEGS ….72dpi… (ALWAYS THE SAME). So here is my selection in it’s unedited glory.

Lomo Chrome Purple 100-400 (this film and the LCA+ are available at Lomography Store in both 35mm and 120):

© Katherine Broadbent
 © Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
Expired Fujicolour 200
© Katherine Broadbent

© Katherine Broadbent

© Katherine Broadbent
So I am hard pressed to decide what I enjoyed most about shooting these rolls. I love how easy the double exposure feature is with the LC-A+. But the effect of the Lomo Chrome Purple is sensational! I’m also a bit enamoured by the grain on the Fujichrome! I am really looking forward to shooting the next roll I have. Also excited when my turquoise edition is shipped!
With the LC-A+, metering is done by half pressing the shutter. One red light means you’re all good. Two means your pictures will end up either under or over exposed. Now every shot I took; I had one red light. But as you’ll see from this selection some did still come out exposed incorrectly. This might have been due to the batteries going down. Or maybe just how far away I was in low light! Since the LC-A+ let’s you set your ISO, you can always try pushing the ISO up to compensate for the low light.
In any case, happy accidents. I like the gothic feel. And I will be scanning in the negatives to see what I can do to compensate for the exposure.
The LC-A+ is a really great camera to have in your bag for some analogue adventures.
  • Double exposures are a breeze.
  • Compact, light and robust. Perfect for having with you all the time.
  • Focusing is straightforward.
  • Manually select your ISO. Great for when you have ISO variable film (eg Lomo Chrome!)
  • Metering can be a little off at times.
  • Can’t focus close up. 0.4m is the closest you can get.
  • Vignette a little inconsistent.

Wex Mondays: Week 8

© Katherine Broadbent
So I found this twig. It looked pretty neat like an eye watching me. Problem? Originally there was only one eye! I have a basic understanding of layers so I played around then used the clone and heal tools to smooth any hard lines. I am pretty happy with the result.  Even though Nick did say it looked like Falkor XD
Obviously not my image – © Warner Bros. Pictures
Here’s the original unedited pic for anyone interested!
© Katherine Broadbent

@JHumphreyPhoto won this week with a stunning horse portrait. Check out the winning photos and leader board on the Wex Blog.

Sunday Outing: Sea Palling 15th February 2015

Today we ventured out to the cost. While there was no rain the weather was infinitely gloomy. So trusty tripod and filters in hand I experimented with long exposures.

© Katherine Broadbent
This is the shot I am happy with out of the 12 I took. Did a bit of editing to get it looking presentable. I’m still finding me feet so I don’t think I will enter any long exposure into Wex Mondays until I get a bit better at the whole process. Any tips from my readers would be gratefully received.
I also snapped a shot with my iPhone.
© Katherine Broadbent
Edited on Snapseed. I have briefly tried the new Darkroom by Bergen app but I did miss the selective editing tool I’m accustomed to in Snapseed. I will be having more of a play Darkroom over the next few weeks and plan a review.

Friday Adventures: Friday 13th February Blakeney

Far from being unlucky I had a great morning shooting today (on Friday 13th!) at Blakeney.

On my last trip to Blakeney, I was feeling under pressure and uninspired. I got one good composition that day, which was poor quality so I went out today to have another go at it!

© Katherine Broadbent


© Katherine Broadbent
‘Leader of the Pack’
I am really happy with this shot. It was well worth the wait in the cold for the right group to stroll on by!


© Katherine Broadbent

I have two more images to edit but I need to do a little research on how to edit the clouds. They look a bit pap!

I’m feeling a little under the weather so I’ll do those later on.

I also snapped this chap on the way to the car.

© Katherine Broadbent
Taken on iPhone camera and edited in Snapseed.

By the way, you can see all these images on my Flickr page 🙂