Friday Adventures: 20th March Happisburgh & Norwich

So today I went to Happisburgh.
And I fell over.
I took both my digital and a film SLR. Wanting to work on my open skies project and to also shoot a bit of film.
© Katherine Broadbent
This was probably my favourite shot from the beach. I got some shots with my infra red filter but they turned out quite noisy since I had whacked up the ISO (due to forgetting my cable release).
On the way home I was passing the highest point over looking the city and there was a hazy glow in the sky. SO of course I pulled over and got out with my camera.
Yes I did get some funny looks owing to still being covered in mud.
But it was worth it.
© Katherine Broadbent
It was so worth it.
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See you all later I’m off to proggle all that mud out my tripod head X(


Wex Monday: Week 11

© Katherine Broadbent
This week I didn’t feel much like going out. So I decided to stay in and work on my Frozen Botanicals project.
This was my Favourite image from the set I took Sunday night so it was naturally my choice for this week’s Wex Monday.
For those who are interested here’s a brief breakdown on my process.
Friday night I prepared in advance. I had some pieces of foliage I have collected on my last trip to Thetford forest.
© Katherine Broadbent
All you need is a plastic tub, foliage and scissors if you need to trim them. Oh and some water and a freezer. The tub I used was about the size of a show box so would fit easily in the draw of most freezers. But if you have a chest freezer you can use a bugger tub!
Sunday night, once it was frozen, I popped it out of the tub and put it on the dining room table. On the table I had: waterproof tablecloth, light coloured towel and a old white sheet. For lighting I used a regular office floor lamp with a piece of grease proof paper to diffuse the light. I propped the ice block up so some light could flow through from behind.
The cat found it all incredibly exciting.
© Katherine Broadbent
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I didn’t place this week, check out the leader board over on the Wex Blog. Really loved Mark Witmore’s winning image this week. Impossibly cute smiling donkeys! XD

Wex Monday: Week 10

© Katherine Broadbent
So this shot was taken Sunday at Wells Next the Sea. You’ll notice my Sunday Outing post for this day was missing.
This is because I was a mess.
I took my tripod, but forgot the mount.
I got everything covered in silt.
I dropped my camera (only a few centimetres)
And I managed to jam my two filters into the same pouch (without noticing) and scratched them both, one badly.
This image forms part of my Open Skies series which I will be doing a post about when I have a few more images. You can keep up to date with my progress over on Flickr. 
I’ve now got a lovely shiny £20 voucher to spend at Wex Photographic. Which no doubt will go towards a new filter. Check me and the other winners out on the Wex Blog. I particularly liked 3rd place, won by @MushroomGodMat, this week. Check out the beautiful colours in his entry.

Resolutions or Goals?

New Year often comes with resolutions.
Eat Less
Exercise more.
Ect, ect, ect! (to quote his majesty, Yul Brynner)
But I’ve always been one for goals. Because goals are SMART
So here are my goals for the next 12 months. I’ll be tracking these on this blog so I can review them once the year is up.
1.       Read & Review 10 photobooks. I have quite a large collection of photobooks & essay collections/biographies. I often worry that I don’t make the most of them. So I will be reviewing them here for you!

2. Shoot more film. Specifically 10 rolls of 35mm I have sat here right now! The 7 black and white I will process myself and the three colour will be at my local shop.

3.       Complete a project. 12 images edited and submission ready, relating to a common theme or that tell a story.

4.       Enter every #WexMondays on twitter (and as many other competitions that I might get feedback from as possible). This means going out or setting up a home shoot every week to get a great shot. Okay, I know I won’t win photographer of the year. But we all start somewhere.

To start with I thought that everything I wanted to achieve in 12 months was too much. But then I began to think about it. Reading/re-reading my photobooks will inspire me to go out with my camera. Shooting more film means taking more images that could go into my project. Photos good enough to go into my project will be good enough for competitions.
What about you? Are you someone who prefers resolutions? Or the type who like to focus on goals?
Will you be making or working toward either in the next 12 months? 

Whatever you do, do with passion and kindness! Happy New Year.