Review: Lomography LC-A+

Today I finally got two rolls of film that had been through the Lomo LC-A+ (that I got for Christmas) developed.

I was going to do a bit of editing but the store didn’t scan TIFFs as I requested, they gave me JPEGS ….72dpi… (ALWAYS THE SAME). So here is my selection in it’s unedited glory.

Lomo Chrome Purple 100-400 (this film and the LCA+ are available at Lomography Store in both 35mm and 120):

© Katherine Broadbent
 © Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
Expired Fujicolour 200
© Katherine Broadbent

© Katherine Broadbent

© Katherine Broadbent
So I am hard pressed to decide what I enjoyed most about shooting these rolls. I love how easy the double exposure feature is with the LC-A+. But the effect of the Lomo Chrome Purple is sensational! I’m also a bit enamoured by the grain on the Fujichrome! I am really looking forward to shooting the next roll I have. Also excited when my turquoise edition is shipped!
With the LC-A+, metering is done by half pressing the shutter. One red light means you’re all good. Two means your pictures will end up either under or over exposed. Now every shot I took; I had one red light. But as you’ll see from this selection some did still come out exposed incorrectly. This might have been due to the batteries going down. Or maybe just how far away I was in low light! Since the LC-A+ let’s you set your ISO, you can always try pushing the ISO up to compensate for the low light.
In any case, happy accidents. I like the gothic feel. And I will be scanning in the negatives to see what I can do to compensate for the exposure.
The LC-A+ is a really great camera to have in your bag for some analogue adventures.
  • Double exposures are a breeze.
  • Compact, light and robust. Perfect for having with you all the time.
  • Focusing is straightforward.
  • Manually select your ISO. Great for when you have ISO variable film (eg Lomo Chrome!)
  • Metering can be a little off at times.
  • Can’t focus close up. 0.4m is the closest you can get.
  • Vignette a little inconsistent.

Friday Adventures: 9th January 2015 at Wells-Next-The-Sea

Today I drove out to Fakenham for an appointment. Since I was feeling under the weather yesterday I decided while I was there I would pop over to Wells for a walk in the fresh air.
Of course, I brought a couple of cameras along for the ride! Namely my main camera a Nikon D300s and the Cannon ML35mm.
First thing was first. I checked the “3 C’s”(as Nick dubbed them) were present and correct.
Camera, Cake & Coffee!
For the 35mm film I decided to do this time was take a quick snap with my phone to show what might come out on the film. I used the Willow filter on Instagram to emulate B&W film:
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
I’ll do a comparison post once the film is developed.
These are the digital shots I was most happy with from today, edited:
 © Katherine Broadbent
 © Katherine Broadbent
Not 100% happy with this one. Will go back to it and see what I can do editing with fresh eyes.


Criss Cross  © Katherine Broadbent


 © Katherine Broadbent


I also met this lil guy who’d been washed up, alone, from Blakeney.
Initially I was quite concerned. After speaking to the coast guard they reassured me that he was probably just resting. As long as he wasn’t injured he’d pop back into the sea and swim off. Which he did 🙂
One image I haven’t included is one that I am thinking of submitting to Wex Monday – you’ll have to wait till Monday to see that one(unless I shoot something else in the mean time)!

Sunday Outing: 4th January 2015 at Holkham

I needed a shot for Wex Mondays weekly competition, So Sunday we decided to go out to the North Norfolk Coast. I’d wanted to visit Holkham for a while so we picked there. There’s Holkham Hall and the beach is boardered by march land and forest. So a great variety of potential subject matter.

I packed my Nikon D300s with 25-120mm Lens along with my Lomo LC-A.+.

Here’s a selection of my edited digital images:

© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent

© Katherine Broadbent

To be honest I am most excited about the double exposure I experimented with using the LC-A+. There is an amazing range of textures available at Holkham. So I hope to develop them soon to show you!

New Years Day: Great Yarmouth

Starting as I mean to go on, me and Nick decided to have an analogue day! While I have a 35mm SLR I really wanted to have a go with these two:

The Lomo LC-A+ was a Christmas gift from Nick and The Cannon AF35ML was a bargain I picked up on Ebay. The thing I love about the LC-A+ is that multiple exposures are a breeze! All you do is take your first image, flick a switch and your shutter is primed and ready to go for round 2!
The Cannon AF35ML is a reliable little shooter with the convenience of a built in flash.
Both cameras allow you to set the ISO (which I can’t on my 35mm SLR). This is an advantage if you want to shoot with ISO variable film or experiment with over/under exposure when your metering is automatic. I have a roll of Lomo Chrome Purple to experiment with later in the year which features ISO variable from 100 – 400. The higher the ISO the more intense the colour shift! 
New Years Day was spent walking up and down the seafront. But I don’t have any photos to share yet since I shot on film! Here’s one I took on Instagram to tide you over!
© Katherine Broadbent
Sadly the Winter Garden has been closed for some time and fallen into disrepair. But this along with the overcast sky made for some atmospheric shots. I’d love to be able to go inside and shoot one day!
Where would you love to shoot? Is it local to you? Or do you have jet setting dreams?
 I got a few shots from outside, it’s a lovely Victorian structure.
As it’s off season we were able to park for free which was a bonus. It also made us walk further (and find more shots) because the free parking it quite far up the promenade. I finished off one roll, and got half way through two others. I think I will take the LC-A to the industrial estate where I work and finish off the current roll there.
Industrial buildings really inspire me! As you might have spotted in my previous post I have David Lynch’s Factory Photograph’s. I love this photo book because it made me realise that I am allowed to photograph whatever inspires me. It doesn’t matter if it’s traditionally beautiful or not. 
All that matters is that; whatever you photograph mean something to you.
If you’re interested in David Lynch’s photography, stay tuned, Factory Photograph’s will be my first review later this month.

Resolutions or Goals?

New Year often comes with resolutions.
Eat Less
Exercise more.
Ect, ect, ect! (to quote his majesty, Yul Brynner)
But I’ve always been one for goals. Because goals are SMART
So here are my goals for the next 12 months. I’ll be tracking these on this blog so I can review them once the year is up.
1.       Read & Review 10 photobooks. I have quite a large collection of photobooks & essay collections/biographies. I often worry that I don’t make the most of them. So I will be reviewing them here for you!

2. Shoot more film. Specifically 10 rolls of 35mm I have sat here right now! The 7 black and white I will process myself and the three colour will be at my local shop.

3.       Complete a project. 12 images edited and submission ready, relating to a common theme or that tell a story.

4.       Enter every #WexMondays on twitter (and as many other competitions that I might get feedback from as possible). This means going out or setting up a home shoot every week to get a great shot. Okay, I know I won’t win photographer of the year. But we all start somewhere.

To start with I thought that everything I wanted to achieve in 12 months was too much. But then I began to think about it. Reading/re-reading my photobooks will inspire me to go out with my camera. Shooting more film means taking more images that could go into my project. Photos good enough to go into my project will be good enough for competitions.
What about you? Are you someone who prefers resolutions? Or the type who like to focus on goals?
Will you be making or working toward either in the next 12 months? 

Whatever you do, do with passion and kindness! Happy New Year.