Sunday Outing: Sea Palling 15th February 2015

Today we ventured out to the cost. While there was no rain the weather was infinitely gloomy. So trusty tripod and filters in hand I experimented with long exposures.

© Katherine Broadbent
This is the shot I am happy with out of the 12 I took. Did a bit of editing to get it looking presentable. I’m still finding me feet so I don’t think I will enter any long exposure into Wex Mondays until I get a bit better at the whole process. Any tips from my readers would be gratefully received.
I also snapped a shot with my iPhone.
© Katherine Broadbent
Edited on Snapseed. I have briefly tried the new Darkroom by Bergen app but I did miss the selective editing tool I’m accustomed to in Snapseed. I will be having more of a play Darkroom over the next few weeks and plan a review.

Wex Mondays: Week 2

So week 2 of Wex Monday and here is my entry:

© Katherine Broadbent
This is an intentionally abstract shot. I liked the subject it because it looks like old wrinkled skin, maybe an elephant?
I took this at Wells-Next-The-Sea. As the town is liable to flooding there are a lot of sea defences. If you’re not familiar to the area you have to walk alongside a long tidal channel to get to the beach. While walking down I spotted what I thought was some thick gloopy mud where the dinghies are tied up. Turned out to be concrete poured over the rocks to stop erosion.
I took a few shots experimenting with framing and different sections. I thought this one was the most intriguing because the central shape looks like it could be a shoulder or other joint. I used high contrast to add to the abstract nature and also to convey the texture. As I mentioned I initially thought it was mud but was so surprised to touch solid concrete! I wanted to get the juxtaposition between the soft fold and the hard material.
I didn’t place this week, there’s a lot of good photographers involved! You can see the current leader board and this weeks winners the Wex Blog. I particularly liked the second place image, by Greg Whitton (last weeks winner)  a minimalist landscape. The winning shot by Chris Grimmer was sensational! A beautiful nebula shot, I love anything to do with space and stars at the moment!

Resolutions or Goals?

New Year often comes with resolutions.
Eat Less
Exercise more.
Ect, ect, ect! (to quote his majesty, Yul Brynner)
But I’ve always been one for goals. Because goals are SMART
So here are my goals for the next 12 months. I’ll be tracking these on this blog so I can review them once the year is up.
1.       Read & Review 10 photobooks. I have quite a large collection of photobooks & essay collections/biographies. I often worry that I don’t make the most of them. So I will be reviewing them here for you!

2. Shoot more film. Specifically 10 rolls of 35mm I have sat here right now! The 7 black and white I will process myself and the three colour will be at my local shop.

3.       Complete a project. 12 images edited and submission ready, relating to a common theme or that tell a story.

4.       Enter every #WexMondays on twitter (and as many other competitions that I might get feedback from as possible). This means going out or setting up a home shoot every week to get a great shot. Okay, I know I won’t win photographer of the year. But we all start somewhere.

To start with I thought that everything I wanted to achieve in 12 months was too much. But then I began to think about it. Reading/re-reading my photobooks will inspire me to go out with my camera. Shooting more film means taking more images that could go into my project. Photos good enough to go into my project will be good enough for competitions.
What about you? Are you someone who prefers resolutions? Or the type who like to focus on goals?
Will you be making or working toward either in the next 12 months? 

Whatever you do, do with passion and kindness! Happy New Year.