Project Update: Frozen Botanicals

The typical British Bank Holiday weather, this weekend, inspired me to revisit my Frozen Botanicals Project.

I added to, edited and re processed the project and I have 6 images I feel are really strong.

_DSC5569 _DSC5571

© Katherine Broadbent

_DSC5561 _DSC3870

© Katherine Broadbent

_DSC3858 _DSC3155

© Katherine Broadbent

Looking at the images together I feel I need to revisit the Fern, Gorse and possible the deseeded Cow Parsley. I will need to keep visiting my local park and keep an eye out for the Cow Parsley. Once the autumn kicks in and the plant life wilts back / dies, a visit up to Theatford or Dunwich for the rest.  I don’t like to collect living plants and have built using dead ones into the projects ascetic. Anything that looks fresh has already been broken off the plant when I find it.

We went out to Dunwich Heath yesterday evening and there was the perfect piece of fern. I picked it off the floor and posed it with some heather.


I am now kicking myself for not bringing it home!

But to end on a positive note the fern shot makes a sweet background image for my phone.


One thought on “Project Update: Frozen Botanicals

  1. Great set of photos. I really like the idea of using plants which have either withered or broken, there is a beautiful sense of preserving their beauty in ice.

    Up on the moor near me at the minute are some amazing thistles, i reckon one of those might do the freezing thing quite well.

    One day i might have to try this technique, you have inspired me!

    Keep shooting and developing this style as you have a really strong idea and portfolio of images building, it would make a great photo book . Cheers, Jon


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