Wex mondays: Week 18

© Katherine Broadbent

Had a little joke with myself about this one being a ‘wildlife shot’.

I decided since I hadn’t been out last week, that I should practice the skills I learnt at the Nikon School.

I started by doing a test shot at ISO 200, F4 & 1/125 to asses the light levels then adjusted my shutter speed to plunge the entire shot into as complete darkness as I could.

Then using my flash gun set to 105mm to produce a concentrated beam of light I began to experiment with highlights and composition.

Initially I had started with 8 or so cranes but since I had one Speedlight available to trigger without the flash as a commander I really struggled. So I scaled back down to one crane.

As I was round Nick’s house I used Lightroom to edit this one, which I haven’t before. It was a bit frustrating trying to get my head around the new software. On the plus side since Nick’s screen is beautifully calibrated, I didn’t need to worry about the black tones being off/patchy 😀 Lightroom was good but I am not sure I can justify the monthly cost when I don’t make any money back from my photography.

Winners this week are over on the Wex Leader Board. Congratulations to Claire McConnel who won with a beautifully serene swan floating across the water.

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