Friday Adventures: 20th March Happisburgh & Norwich

So today I went to Happisburgh.
And I fell over.
I took both my digital and a film SLR. Wanting to work on my open skies project and to also shoot a bit of film.
© Katherine Broadbent
This was probably my favourite shot from the beach. I got some shots with my infra red filter but they turned out quite noisy since I had whacked up the ISO (due to forgetting my cable release).
On the way home I was passing the highest point over looking the city and there was a hazy glow in the sky. SO of course I pulled over and got out with my camera.
Yes I did get some funny looks owing to still being covered in mud.
But it was worth it.
© Katherine Broadbent
It was so worth it.
Follow me on Flickr to keep up to date with my Open Skies project.
See you all later I’m off to proggle all that mud out my tripod head X(


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