Wex Monday: Week 11

© Katherine Broadbent
This week I didn’t feel much like going out. So I decided to stay in and work on my Frozen Botanicals project.
This was my Favourite image from the set I took Sunday night so it was naturally my choice for this week’s Wex Monday.
For those who are interested here’s a brief breakdown on my process.
Friday night I prepared in advance. I had some pieces of foliage I have collected on my last trip to Thetford forest.
© Katherine Broadbent
All you need is a plastic tub, foliage and scissors if you need to trim them. Oh and some water and a freezer. The tub I used was about the size of a show box so would fit easily in the draw of most freezers. But if you have a chest freezer you can use a bugger tub!
Sunday night, once it was frozen, I popped it out of the tub and put it on the dining room table. On the table I had: waterproof tablecloth, light coloured towel and a old white sheet. For lighting I used a regular office floor lamp with a piece of grease proof paper to diffuse the light. I propped the ice block up so some light could flow through from behind.
The cat found it all incredibly exciting.
© Katherine Broadbent
Follow me on Flickr to keep up with the Frozen Botanicals project.
I didn’t place this week, check out the leader board over on the Wex Blog. Really loved Mark Witmore’s winning image this week. Impossibly cute smiling donkeys! XD


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