Review: Lomography LC-A+

Today I finally got two rolls of film that had been through the Lomo LC-A+ (that I got for Christmas) developed.

I was going to do a bit of editing but the store didn’t scan TIFFs as I requested, they gave me JPEGS ….72dpi… (ALWAYS THE SAME). So here is my selection in it’s unedited glory.

Lomo Chrome Purple 100-400 (this film and the LCA+ are available at Lomography Store in both 35mm and 120):

© Katherine Broadbent
 © Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
© Katherine Broadbent
Expired Fujicolour 200
© Katherine Broadbent

© Katherine Broadbent

© Katherine Broadbent
So I am hard pressed to decide what I enjoyed most about shooting these rolls. I love how easy the double exposure feature is with the LC-A+. But the effect of the Lomo Chrome Purple is sensational! I’m also a bit enamoured by the grain on the Fujichrome! I am really looking forward to shooting the next roll I have. Also excited when my turquoise edition is shipped!
With the LC-A+, metering is done by half pressing the shutter. One red light means you’re all good. Two means your pictures will end up either under or over exposed. Now every shot I took; I had one red light. But as you’ll see from this selection some did still come out exposed incorrectly. This might have been due to the batteries going down. Or maybe just how far away I was in low light! Since the LC-A+ let’s you set your ISO, you can always try pushing the ISO up to compensate for the low light.
In any case, happy accidents. I like the gothic feel. And I will be scanning in the negatives to see what I can do to compensate for the exposure.
The LC-A+ is a really great camera to have in your bag for some analogue adventures.
  • Double exposures are a breeze.
  • Compact, light and robust. Perfect for having with you all the time.
  • Focusing is straightforward.
  • Manually select your ISO. Great for when you have ISO variable film (eg Lomo Chrome!)
  • Metering can be a little off at times.
  • Can’t focus close up. 0.4m is the closest you can get.
  • Vignette a little inconsistent.

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