Friday Adventures: 6th February Blickling Hall

Today I took myself off to Blicking Hall. There is a particular piece of architecture on the grounds I had sudden inspiration to photograph!

Quick shout out to David Hopley a talented photographer in York who sold me his old (brand new) tripod for a bargain price! Armed with this and after quickly stopping by at Wex Photographic to pick up a Cokin ND8 Filter, I was ready!

Having not done a great deal (no) long exposures before I had a lot to learn!

First I found out how light leaks through the viewfinder. So I covered the camera with my jacket. Since my camera was second hand I didn’t get a cover for it with the camera.

Then I discovered 30 seconds is not always long enough to get the right exposure. Keeping your finger on the button during bulb mode causes shake/blurring. In short I need a external shutter release cable.

Finally I discovered. TO MY HORROR. I had a HUGE fibre stuck to my sensor. Initially I thought it was on the filters and spent about 10 minutes trying to ‘clean’ them. Queue a visit to Wex on the way back to pick up a puffer.

But after all that I did get one shot that I am pretty happy with.

© Katherine Broadbent

To get this shot I used a combination of the Cokin ND8 & P007 Infrared Filters and a 30 second exposure at F22. Editing wise I converted to Black and White in Capture NX-D and then did some dodge/burn in GIMP. And used the clone stamp tool to rid the picture of the ghastly fibre!!!

Due to the freezing temperature and the long exposures my battery didn’t last long (I don’t have a spare – another thing to add to the list of near future purchases). I’m going to go out there again and see what I can do with more experience and a clean sensor!!


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