Sunday Outing: 1st February 2015 – Going Macro

I celebrated my birthday this weekend. I was a very lucky girl and my family – knowing how much time I spend with my camera gifted me money to go towards the Sigma 105mm 2.8 Macro.

I had wanted this lens since first getting a DSLR so today was a big day 🙂

We had planned to go on an outing to Wymondham but the with the rain being so on/off we decided to stay in. But with a macro lens rainy days in can mean endless fun and creativity!

How close can I get?

© Katherine Broadbent
What can I do to utilise the shallow DoF to my creative advantage?
© Katherine Broadbent
What does that look like up close?
© Katherine Broadbent
How far can I push the abstraction?

© Katherine Broadbent

I’m certainly looking forward to the next rainy day! And getting outside to explore the world of texture.

I chose the 105mm 2.8 specifically because it’s also a great portrait lens. I have an idea for a portrait project but not the confidence yet. So a bit more research and practical exercises are in order.

Once I’ve had a decent amount of time with the lens I will do a review post. But I will quickly say, to anyone considering a macro, give Sigma serious consideration, these lenses are epic!


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