Sunday Outing: 18th January 2015 at Blakney

Today we went out to Blakeney. The pressure was on. I had planned to go out on Friday to shoot but low mood and lower temperatures caused me to stay at home watching movies…with my cat. Oh dear. The possibility of failing my goal of entering every Wex Monday was playing on my mind.

Pressure can sometimes work to your advantage. Personally it just got in the way for me.

The day was dull . I was feeling uninspired. I also felt very restricted as there were signs requesting we stick to the path to preserve newly sewn grass. Despite having my 24-120 I wasn’t able to explore the smaller details in the foliage I had hoped to.

I learnt an important lesson. Don’t leave things to the last minute. The more you shoot the more chance there is you get a shot that excites you. 

Here’s my selection. Not sure which I will enter tomorrow.

I’m not particularly happy with any of them.
Here’s why:

© Katherine Broadbent
The best creatively is very noisy – I’m not sure why… Poor exposure teamed with pushing the editing too far perhaps… I might go back and retake this shot. When the light is more favourable and I can set up my spot with a tripod and wait for the right moment.


© Katherine Broadbent


Monster From The Deep
© Katherine Broadbent
The best technically is a bit gimmicky.

For Wex Mondays I think I will have to go with the shot that is technically the best.

I’ve been feeling low and performing under par this week. Let’s hope it doesn’t continue.

For those interested I’m going to be working on a post exploring how mood can influence your creativity and work. If any one has any comments or relevant experience feel free to leave a comment below. Or tweet me @broad_ologie.


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