Wex Mondays: Week 2

So week 2 of Wex Monday and here is my entry:

© Katherine Broadbent
This is an intentionally abstract shot. I liked the subject it because it looks like old wrinkled skin, maybe an elephant?
I took this at Wells-Next-The-Sea. As the town is liable to flooding there are a lot of sea defences. If you’re not familiar to the area you have to walk alongside a long tidal channel to get to the beach. While walking down I spotted what I thought was some thick gloopy mud where the dinghies are tied up. Turned out to be concrete poured over the rocks to stop erosion.
I took a few shots experimenting with framing and different sections. I thought this one was the most intriguing because the central shape looks like it could be a shoulder or other joint. I used high contrast to add to the abstract nature and also to convey the texture. As I mentioned I initially thought it was mud but was so surprised to touch solid concrete! I wanted to get the juxtaposition between the soft fold and the hard material.
I didn’t place this week, there’s a lot of good photographers involved! You can see the current leader board and this weeks winners the Wex Blog. I particularly liked the second place image, by Greg Whitton (last weeks winner)  a minimalist landscape. The winning shot by Chris Grimmer was sensational! A beautiful nebula shot, I love anything to do with space and stars at the moment!

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