Wex Mondays: Week 1

Here’s my first image submitted to Wex Mondays:

© Katherine Broadbent

Taken at Holkham Dunes on Sunday 4th January 2015.
F6.3 1/60 ISO200 105mm 

This image was intended as an abstract botanical study. I wanted to capture the delicate detail. To emphasize the frost I underexposed slightly to increase the contract between the shadows and highlights. I was in two minds to submit this or not as I had cropped it square. On the back of the camera I had liked the composition but getting it up on the computer I found the left side of the image took attention away from the main subject. I had wanted to isolate the leaf so I chose a low F-Stop to get a shallow depth of field, the high contrasted helped too. 

I didn’t place this time round but a lot of people liked my image and I got a few new followers. It’s always nice to have a twitter conversation with fellow enthusiasts.

This weeks winner was Greg Whitton, you can check out his winnign image and the runners up on the Wex Blog

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